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[id224115049|Julia], sadly... It is not manufactured anymore Where did you buy it from Not available, sorry ok...where and how much ? Nice Beauty😍 That is so Beautiful. 😍 [id198645440|Aust], have you ever tried a type III/V whitewater life jacket? More flotation than a ski vest and some of them have a collar on the back to keep the wearer's head out of the water. [id224115049|Julia], Agreed. Inflatables are not as dangerous as people think. Growing up in Europe it was common for kids and even some adults to wear water wings. I don't over inflate mine and am careful where I put them. I do leave one pair inflated in my duffel bag for when I go out to the lake. [id329539594|Phillip Mann] , thanks, this is how it have to be (I mean buying clip). You can easily ask them to do the clip via email. They make clips with inflatables they have with scenario you ask for free, but you have to buy those clips on clips4sale. You can find they emails also on c4s, I was writing to Lory, Lorie’s Passionate Fantasies studio on c4s. Lory is most beautiful for me from her and her friends :) Im grateful, for your effort and i have paid for this clip through, i would like to ask the lovely ladies to do another clip. [id404562398|Maik Wolsink] yes this, but not only this. Originally, inflatables were sent to girl who names herself Lory. She made several solo clips, then started making clips with other girls. Then she gave stuff to those other girls to make solo clips like this one. I didn’t pay for custom clips, but I paid for all the clips to get them. So it’s sad, that someone else get them free. And also nobody send new inflatables, girls are doing clips only with those I sent several years ago... I agreed Some people don’t know to buy clips here That’s why I don’t share them all anymore like I used to do .... Amen to that. I’ve counted 6 of mine that I paid a lot of money to have made on this site. Sad part is the only way to make them exclusive was to pay even more money where it is only yours. I personally think it’s a crime what these models charge and then turn around where someone else can by it for 1/32 of the price then Share it for free. is that this video? So don't be afraid using inflatables in water, even if you don't know how to swim I was reading some forums while looking for pictures, a lot of people say inflatables are dangerous, because they can catch a leak while swimming. I think this is bullshit. I don't believe an inflatable can get leaky while swimming. And after visiting an aqua park for some time I understood, how so many people catch a leak in their inflatables. They just throw down an inflatable on the ground after using it. They overinflate them with pumps. Some of them even don't deflate them then transporting, they just put it in some plastic bag, and then somewhere in the car trunk or something like that. I mean yes, if you do this to your inflatable, of course it can get leaky. But if you are using it with care, it won't get leaky ever. I'm using inflatables very often, and even sitting on them or laying on the bed wearing them, they don't catch a leak. I was even walking on the floor with some water wings on my feet, they didn't explode or catch a leak. And talking about swim vests, they have 3 separate air chambers, exactly for safety reasons. So to catch 3 leaks while swimming - I think this is impossible.

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